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Whyalla Steel City Sportfishing Club By-Laws
                                                         of the
                              STEEL CITY SPORTFISHING CLUB
                                                             (as amended  May 2011)
            The fishing year of the Club will be from the 1st June to the 31st May inclusive.
2)     OUTINGS
a)     The Club’s Committee shall set the date of all Club fishing competitions.
b)     There shall be a maximum of four open outings per year, at the discretion of the Committee of the time.
c)     An open outing shall only be fished from boats launched as far south as Cowell and Port Broughton in the Spencer Gulf Fishing outside this area shall only be done as a group on a club outing.  On open outings, land based anglers may fish anywhere in SA provided weigh-in times are
      not contravened.
d)    The Committee of the time, shall designate the areas to be fished, except in the case of 2 b and 2 c above. The Committee shall decide the starting, finishing and weigh-in times of 2a, 2b and 2c. 
e)     Event rescheduling.
Changing an event day due to rough weather: members meeting at the ramp or venue ready for boating outings may by majority vote, vote to transfer the event to the same day the next week. If they vote to cancel the event in the second week, the event is cancelled.
a)     The Club will abide by the rules of the ANSA handbook that is current at the time, plus any amendments that may be issued. 
b)     The club members shall also abide by Commonwealth and State Fisheries laws and regulations. 
c)     Starting time, unless otherwise agreed by the Committee and notified to members, is the time to put lines in the water. 
a)     Club records shall be kept in all ANSA classes and divisions. 
b)     To be eligible for a Club junior record the fish must be worth at least 75 points.      
c)   To be eligible for a Club senior record the fish must be worth at least 100 points. 
5)           WEIGHING OF FISH
a)     On all club competitions, fish must be either weighed in by the Weighmaster or the delegate, or weighed in on certified scales or on scales approved or tested annually against certified scales where two or more persons are present. 
b)     All competition entrants shall be at the designated weigh-in area by the allocated time. There will be a 15 minute leeway on the time (i.e. 3.30 + 15 mins = 3.45) 
c)     Fish may be accepted after this time at the discretion of the Weighmaster. 
d)    If the need arises, the Committee will appoint an acting Weighmaster for specified weigh-ins. 
e)     All fish weighed for seniors must weigh enough to score ten points to be weighed in.  
f)      In addition to ANSA eligible species, garfish and striped perch may be weighed in for juniors only, garfish will have a fighting factor of 0.6, and striped perch will have a fighting factor of 1.0. 
g)     Fish to be weighed in as a species not just family group or name: i.e. ANSA handbook states “whiting all”: Club members may weigh in, on the same competition, a King George whiting and a silver whiting, and 4 or more different species of leather jacket. 
h)     Only one fish per species per competition may be weighed in for Club points. 
i)       All ANSA listed sharks are put into their own section and carry their own trophy. 
j)       All rays are not eligible for club points, but may be weighed for any ANSA category.
k)     Anyone weighing in, or trying to weigh-in undersize fish on a Club competition will lose their points for that competition. If they try to weigh-in undersize fish on another Club competition, they will lose their points for that fishing year: they will also receive a written warning from the Club committee on their behaviour. If after this they try, yet again, to weigh-in undersize fish they will automatically be suspended from the Club. 
On shore fishing to start at 4 am on competition days unless otherwise specified by the Committee.  Also, finishing times will be the same as off shore fishing unless otherwise specified by the committee. If there is any doubt, 4pm is the finish time for landbased anglers for a fish day competition that is not otherwise     notified to members or is not a designated 24 hour competition.
      All fish caught in restricted areas that are not available to the general public will be ineligible
      for Club points. Restricted areas at present include:-
·        Santos
·        One Steel inner harbour
·        within 20 metres of any One Steel wharf or loading facility             or any
·        Trans-shipping points  within the Upper Spencer Gulf
·        any other “no take” zones in Marine Parks declared under the
proposed D.E.H Marine Parks legislation. 
     Note:  1. Loading facility includes any barges tied up at the iron ore jetty in which case
                    the 20 metres is extended.
               2. Trans-shipping points are the exclusion zones at various points in the middle of
                    Spencer Gulf where unloading of barges takes place. These points are prescribed on
                   the latest charts and restrictions apply when ships are in the area.
The Club’s official book of species identification shall be “The Sea Fishes of    South Australia” by authors Barry Hutchins and Roger Swainson. 
a)     Family membership applies to two (2) adults living in a family relationship, and includes children less than sixteen (16) years of age at the start of the Club’s financial year.  Family membership entitles both adults to vote. 
b)     Single adult membership applies to a single person sixteen years or over at the start of the Club’s financial year. 
c)     Junior membership applies to persons under the age of 16 years at the start of the Club’s financial year, and they must join with at least one guardian/care provider who must be a member of the Club.  Supervision of juniors at all Club functions is the total responsibility of their family or legal guardian or guardian/care providers. 
d)    Social non-competition membership applies to persons 16 years and over: they cannot participate for points in fishing club competitions and, based on this membership, are not eligible for ANSA records. Social Members are eligible to win fun prizes e.g. Social Members may win fun fishing prizes at social, commercially sponsored, or away outings but they are not eligible for point scoring for any club fishing events or trophies or records or any ANSA categories. 
a)     For ‘open outing’ boats must be launched at or north of Port Broughton – Cowell in the Spencer Gulf and landbased fishers must fish within South Australian waters. 
b)     The ‘Silt Ground’ refers to waters north of a line from the western end of the SANTOS floating berth to the Whyalla marina entrance. 
c)     The ‘Foreshore’ means any areas west of the line from the old Tyre Reef (called Merek’s Reef) to the end of the dolphin at the ore jetty; and north of the line from the old Tyre Reef (Merek’s reef) to the most southerly edge of the sewerage pond at Eight Mile Creek, excluding any aquatic reserves and sanctuaries. The Foreshore includes the area 1km around the old Tyre Reef.  
1. On open days away, members remaining in Whyalla may fish the same hours, launching at
    or north of Pt Broughton to Cowell, to score points for the annual competitions and this
    includes boats and land-based fishers (refer to new fishing program rules). 
2. Areas where not all members can fish are not deemed outing areas for competition points,
    but can include record catches for club and ANSA. 
3. The Club or Committee may appoint a fishing co-ordinator for each event if there is a need
    for such a person to advise on weigh-ins, times, prizes, measuring or other procedures
    before an event.